Final Notes for PHASE Conference Attendees

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to UWC Thailand for PHASE Phuket 2023! 

Here is important information to help ensure the conference goes smoothly for you.

Getting to UWC Thailand

115 15, Thep Krasatti, 

Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand


There will be a conference registration desk in the Vista restaurant (near the snooker tables) of the Cassia Hotel from 17:00 to 19:00 on Thursday and 15:30 – 17:30 on Friday. You can grab your conference pass here even if you are not staying at these hotels. 

Registration will also be available at UWC Thailand. 

Conference Buses

The conference buses will leave from the official conference hotels – Cassia and Hilton Garden Inn each day. Please remember you need your bus tickets for travel in both directions. 

Conference participants who live in Phuket, or overseas participants who are making alternative accommodation arrangements, are welcome to travel on the conference buses if space is available. However, priority at all times will be given to participants who have booked a hotel room through the registration system so we suggest you make alternative arrangements. 

10 March 2023 (Friday Pre Conferences)11 March 2023 (Saturday)

12 March 2023 (Sunday)

Depart Cassia at 7:20

Return to Hotel at 15:15

(athletics certification bus will return at 13:15)

Note: UWC Thailand has theirIntercultural Day, showcasing their 99 nationalities with performances and food that will start around the time the pre-conference ends. You are welcome to stay and attend this and make your own arrangements to return back to the hotel.

Depart Conference hotel starting at 7:30

Return to Conference hotel starting at 16:00

Depart Conference hotel starting at 7:10

Bus to airport at 15:15

Return to Conference hotel starting at 15:15

Getting around Phuket

We recommend that you download the inDrive App, Grab App, and Bolt App which can be used to order taxis or vans to get around the island.




IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already seen the invite to Sched, then please check your SPAM folder. If you are still unable to locate it then please contact me by return.

Morning Run

There will be a morning run before breakfast leaving from the Cassia Hotel Reception Area at approx 6:30am. More details will be in the conference schedule.

Morning Ice Hockey Session

For the first time at PHASE we have an ice hockey session. If you want to join please register your interest. You will leave from the Cassia hotel at around 6:30am, be on the ice for 1 hour or so and then be bussed to the conference venue. 

Changing Your Registration

If you would like to make a last minute change to your registration please let us know ASAP. 

Dietary Requirements

There will be options for vegans and vegetarians; you can ask the catering staff if you have questions. All food is peanut free.

Code of Conduct

We want all of our conferences to be a safe & productive environment for everyone. To this end, the 21CLI Code of Conduct spells out the behavior we support, and don’t support at our events. We don’t condone harassment, or offensive behavior.

It’s counter to our company values – and more importantly – counters our values as human beings

​Sustainability Pledge

We are committed to reducing the impact our conferences have on the environment, and in turn, helps us become a truly sustainable community. We hope our Sustainability Pledge promotes the concept of sustainability within our own communities of educators & schools.

Optional Networking Social – US$70

This is a great opportunity to mingle and socialise with some of the conference attendees in a more informal setting and we would definitely recommend participating in this.

Friday 10 March

18:00 – 20:00

Beach BBQ – Including free flow beer, wine cocktails. Register here.

Location is a few minutes walk from the Cassia and Hilton hotel

Conference Social

The conference social will take place at the Cassia following the end of the conference day on Saturday from approx 16:30.  You are then free to plan your evening activities. 


It is also worth noting that some of the workshop sessions have an active component so you should also have gear that you can comfortably work out in depending on the sessions you are attending. Movement is encouraged but not compulsory!


Water Fountains are available throughout the UWC Thailand Campus, and we suggest that you bring a water bottle along to keep yourself hydrated – and to help with environmental protection & sustainability.


No printouts from confirmation emails are required for your registration. When you arrive you will be directed to a registration desk based on your Last Name / Family Name.

Conference Shirt

If you registered for the main conference before 1 February you will receive a conference shirt. There is a range of male and female sizes which will be distributed on a first come first served basis at the conference by the Yang Foundation/New Balance. 

Electric Plugs in Phuket

There are a range of plugs used in Thailand and we strongly advise bringing your own international travel adapter to ensure you can charge phones etc.

Covid Test

If you are required to get a PRC tests for return travel the Cassia hotel has recommended the Kamala international clinic. If you test there the report should be delivered by 8 or 9pm the following day. 

They can send someone to the hotel to collect the sample for additional fees. Testing arrangements are participants responsiblity.

Emergency Help Numbers

Real Emergency: Call 911 or Tourist Police on 1155 (English Speaking)


Kerstin: ‭+66 92-817-5804‬ (Line)/‭+49 174 8210126‬ (WhatsApp)

Yui (Thai School Director): +66 87-807-8262

Justin: +852-9701-8790

Graeme: +852-9739-4776


Justin for PHASE