Dr. Ashley Casey

Physical Education Teacher Educator

Dr Ashley Casey is a Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy and programme director for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Physical Education) at Loughborough University. He is a former secondary school physical education teacher whose PhD explored the implementation of a MbP approach to teaching physical education. His research focuses on MbP, teacher learning/research and new technologies. Ash in an Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy (Routledge) and is the author, co-author or editor of four Routledge books and publishes regularly in leading education research journals and edited monographs. He is active on social media where he writes and blogs about MbP, teacher learning/research and new technologies.

The End of Physical Education – Drawing on the work of Neil Postman, and envisioning a future in which physical education ends (i.e. ceases to exist) as a subject, this keynote will ask what the end (i.e. the purpose/outcome) of physical education should be to improve its longevity and purpose.