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    PHASE Phuket 2023 Presenter Listing

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    Official Hotel

    We have a limited number of rooms at special rates at the hip Cassia Hotel. This is the official hotel that all speakers and organizers will be staying at. There will be daily bus service from the hotel to the conference venue and back again which will be exclusive for those in the official hotel. The hotel is a great family vacation location so if the timing makes sense feel free to bring your family, there are even two bedroom suites.

    To book the official hotel please do so on the registration site. You can add hotels to your cart at the same time you do your registration.

    Not sure the technical term for saying “you killed it”, but you guys killed it (which is as positive as a comment I can give). Was an amazing experience head to toe, our presentation went well, thanks for being there every step of the way.


    Sending out an abundance of gratitude for a stellar run event. Still feeling effervescent from all the energy and inspiration shared last weekend. Thank you very much to all involved in making it a well run top notch event. Thrive and shine on. With a warm embrace,


    “I thought it was the best conference for PE that I’ve been to, it was really well organised and run, the presenters were excellent and the range of activities and workshops that were offered to us was outstanding. I have come away with so many new ideas to share and try out at my school, and it has left me feeling inspired to go back and do what I do better!”
    “It was a great conference and as a first time presenter I was made to feel comfortable and supported through the whole process. The conference was set up for great networking and a relaxed atmosphere for easy learning and many practical take aways.”
    A fantastic conference! Loved the junk trip. Everyone should do that! Thank for all the hard work your committee put into organizing.
    A fantastic weekend. It was a real pleasure to get together with like minded professionals from around our region. The only thing I wish was that I could split myself into three so I could attend all the workshops I wanted to!

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    Pre Conference

    The pre-conference days include optional pre-conference activities which mostly require a separate fee. Most are just one day on Friday 10th March.

    10 MarchFriday
    Pre Conference Starts
    15:00Pre Conference Ends

    Main Conference

    Your conference ticket gets you access to the two days of the conference. This includes transport to and from the official conference hotel, all sessions, lunch and coffee breaks each day.

    11 MarchSaturday
    Opening Keynote
    Workshop A
    Workshop B
    Workshop C
    Workshop D
    Closing Keynote
    Conference Social
    12 MarchSunday
    Meet & Greet
    Opening Keynote
    Workshop E
    Workshop F
    Workshop G
    Workshop H
    Closing Inspiration

    Conference Sessions

    Pedagogy & Curriculum

    A Singapore PE Teacher Context: Practical Tools and Strategies to Facilitate Formative Assessment in PE

    In this practical-based workshop, two Singapore PE teachers will share how they design their lessons to nurture self-directed learners through practical strategies underpinned by assessment and feedback literacy. Practical Strategies include self & peer assessment tools, thinking routines, the use of rubrics, data collection as performance indicators, etc. Participants will be able to experience strategies and tools designed in schools that encourage students to play an active role in their learning.
    Experiential Learning

    Super Moverz Adventure Play

    This presentation will provide teachers with a dynamic new approach to teaching movement and play by integrating storylines, music, specialized equipment, and role play into a fully gamified movement and character building program called Super Moverz.
    Specialist Content Areas

    Bite-size Gymnastics Master Class

    Looking to introduce some new ideas to uplift and re-energise your Gymnastics’ lessons? Would you like to be able to break Gymnastics skills down into bite size activities to make them easier or harder to achieve based on the competency levels of your gymnasts? Need to challenge your pupils, but are unsure of the technical teaching points?
    Pedagogy & Curriculum, Wellness

    Interactive Health Education Activities for Grades 7 to 12

    This session will explore strategies to support student learning in human sexuality, social and emotional competencies, and mental health. Walk away from this session with concrete ideas that align with Health Education curricula outcomes, including ready-to-use lesson plans and in-class activities.
    Pedagogy & Curriculum

    Spectrum of Teaching Styles in PE – Styles F-K

    The Production Cluster Styles” – The Styles associated with Creativity. This workshop will demonstrate practical examples to participants and give participants the opportunity to use the styles so bring your running shoes! NB: You do not need to have done workshop 1, to do workshop 2 (and vice versa).
    Pedagogy & Curriculum, Sports & Coaching

    Visible Thinking in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

    This session begins with the premise that 'thinking is the engine of learning' and explores how we can support game-based practical approaches with an environment, intentional questions, and purposeful interactional routines to enhance thinking
    Specialist Content Areas, Technology in PE

    Brain Fitness and Tech in PhysEd

    Integrating technology into physical activities to enhance learners executive function, which supports learning through better focussed attention, and memory through dual tasks (the layering of complexity NOT multi-tasking!) Best of all it's fun, active and progressive and can give data on individual learners and their progress.

    Why Wellness Matters

    Understanding these intertwined threads and how they interact matters for the development and support of healthy school communities where all members can flourish.
    Specialist Content Areas

    Insider Knowledge – How To Teach Gymnastics Skills

    Gymnastics Skills challenge our pupils to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do! These lead to improving their strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, endurance and power. These skills however may appear extremely daunting to teach. Throughout this workshop we will share hints and tips to enable you to confidently teach a wide variety of Gymnastics Skills.
    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

    DEIJ 101

    As a local student in an international school I lived through many experiences that I didn't understand until very recently. In 2019, students at international schools around the world began to protest against schools that were impeding them from their own values, traditions and languages.
    Specialist Content Areas

    A Dance Unit In A Nutshell

    In this session, I will take you through an entire dance unit. I will show you fun dance games like the beat challenge, dance tag, and follow-the leader that help students learn about rhythm, levels, pathways and force in dance.