Join world-renowned physical educator Jarrod Robinson ‘The PE Geek’ for an action-packed one-day workshop focused on integrating cutting-edge technologies and emerging pedagogies into PE & Sport Science classrooms and sports teams. Discover innovative approaches used in Physical Education classrooms around the world, designed to help PE teachers excel in their profession and boost their day-to-day efficiency.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will concentrate on the transformative potential of mobile devices, such as iPads and Android Tablets, within the PE classroom. Please bring a mobile device and be prepared to download the necessary apps before the workshop begins (a list will be provided beforehand). Note that there may be an additional cost of approximately $20 for a few select apps.

By participating in this workshop, you’ll gain actionable insights and best practices for immediate classroom use, with a strong focus on practical application. The workshop will cover a mix of teacher-centric tools for improved efficiency and student-led tools that enhance learning experiences.

Areas covered include:

  • Instant Feedback in the Practical PE Classroom

  • Video Analysis & Video-Based Assessment in the Practical PE & Sport Classroom

  • Teacher Efficiency and Organisation Tools

  • Leveraging AI Tools in PE

  • Assessment & Portfolios in Physical Education

  • Augmented Reality & Flipped Instruction & much more

This sought-after workshop has been conducted in over 40 countries worldwide, consistently receiving rave reviews from attendees. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your teaching skills—book your spot now!

Exclusive Bonus Materials 

Attendees will not only benefit from the knowledge gained during the workshop but also leave with FREE access to a wealth of high-quality classroom materials and resources. These resources will enable you to seamlessly implement what you’ve learned during the workshop when you return to your school. Our carefully curated materials include:

  • Ready-to-use lesson plans
  • Engaging student activities
  • Turnkey implementation strategies
  • And much more!

These valuable resources are designed to help you make the most of the innovative technologies and strategies covered in the workshop, enhancing your teaching methods and improving student outcomes.

Did someone say PRIZES?

That’s right! Throughout the day, we’ll be giving away a variety of fantastic prizes, which, in some cases, may even be worth more than the cost of your ticket!

What attendees have said about the workshops:

‘Brilliant, highly recommended for any PE Teacher to attend.

‘The best PD for Technology in PE that I have attended ever in my teaching career. Value for money. Jarrod was extremely knowledgeable.

‘As someone who already uses a lot of tech in PE—I was very impressed with how much more I learned. Enjoyed this very much!

Who’s the perfect fit?

This workshop is ideal for any PE teacher seeking to incorporate mobile technologies into their classroom, leverage emerging technologies for improved day-to-day efficiencies, and create new opportunities to enhance outcomes in the classroom.

Date and Time
10 November 2023

$275 USD

$225 USD ( early bird until end of September)

Prices per person

Note: You do not need to register for the main PHASE Conference to attend this one day workshop.


Jarrod Robinson

The PE Geek, ConnectedPE

Internationally recognized as “The PE Geek,” Jarrod is a leading innovator in Physical Education. For over 15 years, he’s been at the forefront of incorporating advanced technologies into teaching practices. Jarrod has created a suite of apps, websites, and interactive experiences, enriching learning for hundreds of thousands of educators and students worldwide. His inventive solutions have made physical education more engaging and accessible. In addition to his digital efforts, Jarrod’s transformative workshops, conducted in over 40 countries, have revolutionized global teaching methodologies. His work has catalyzed a new era of tech-enabled physical education and nurtured a vibrant international community of educators. As “The PE Geek,” Jarrod continues to inspire and reshape the educational landscape on a planetary scale.