Mark Armstrong

Head of PE, Erindale College

Mark is an experienced school leader in the Physical Education sector in Canberra, Australia. For the past 14 years, Mark has been leading the Talented Sports Program at Erindale College, a Government College for students in Years 10-12.    Mark leads a team of PE teachers and coaches who provide support and guidance to over 300 students enrolled in the program. The program offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads with specialised coaching staff while providing a supportive and structured environment in which to maximise their academic potential. This is quite a unique situation with around 50% of the 600 sports enrolled in the College involved in elite sport at state or national level.    Mark is passionate about coaching and teaching in the college, the wider education sector, and the local community. Mark is an experienced Australian Football League (AFL) Coach and has worked with the GWS Giants over the last 10 years. Mark also holds a Level IV Fitness Certification as well as a Level 3 Coaching Accreditation for AFL.