Sports & Coaching

Rethinking the Educational Suitability of Sports Seasons

Have you ever had students tell you that they wished they could play their favorite sports for more than just 3 months a year? Sports seasons have been around for so long that we hardly think that not only could we do it differently, but there are even strong educational reasons why we should, at least, start having this conversation with our communities.
Pedagogy & Curriculum, Sports & Coaching

Using Cricket to teach creativity and problem-solving

This workshop will use the sport of cricket as the subject matter to teach creativity and discovery. Examples will range from simple skills through to more complex games.
Pedagogy & Curriculum

A Singapore PE Teacher Context: Practical Tools and Strategies to Facilitate Formative Assessment in PE

In this practical-based workshop, two Singapore PE teachers will share how they design their lessons to nurture self-directed learners through practical strategies underpinned by assessment and feedback literacy. Practical Strategies include self & peer assessment tools, thinking routines, the use of rubrics, data collection as performance indicators, etc. Participants will be able to experience strategies and tools designed in schools that encourage students to play an active role in their learning.
Pedagogy & Curriculum, Wellness

Interactive Health Education Activities for Grades 7 to 12

This session will explore strategies to support student learning in human sexuality, social and emotional competencies, and mental health. Walk away from this session with concrete ideas that align with Health Education curricula outcomes, including ready-to-use lesson plans and in-class activities.
Pedagogy & Curriculum

Spectrum of Teaching Styles in PE – Styles F-K

The Production Cluster Styles” – The Styles associated with Creativity. This workshop will demonstrate practical examples to participants and give participants the opportunity to use the styles so bring your running shoes! NB: You do not need to have done workshop 1, to do workshop 2 (and vice versa).
Specialist Content Areas

Insider Knowledge – How To Teach Gymnastics Skills

Gymnastics Skills challenge our pupils to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do! These lead to improving their strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, endurance and power. These skills however may appear extremely daunting to teach. Throughout this workshop we will share hints and tips to enable you to confidently teach a wide variety of Gymnastics Skills.
Pedagogy & Curriculum, Sports & Coaching, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Reconsidering your Approach to Inclusion

This presentation will introduce the concepts and principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how they can be embedded into your physical education program.
Pedagogy & Curriculum, Specialist Content Areas, Wellness, Sports & Coaching, Technology in PE, Remote and Hybrid Instruction, Leadership

The International HPE MEd Cohort: What’s it all about?

This session will provide an overview of the benefits of a grad degree as professional learning and outline some available options.
Specialist Content Areas, Technology in PE

Brain Fitness and Tech in PhysEd

Integrating technology into physical activities to enhance learners executive function, which supports learning through better focussed attention, and memory through dual tasks (the layering of complexity NOT multi-tasking!) Best of all it's fun, active and progressive and can give data on individual learners and their progress.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice, Leadership

How Can We Provide Equitable Opportunities for Students in our Physical Education Curriculums?

A discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion in physical education. In this presentation, Dominique will discuss context, wider responsibilities, and how we can get there as physical educators. In this session Dominique builds on his keynote presentation and expands into HOW to provide equitable opportunities for our students.
Specialist Content Areas, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Embedding Disability Sports within the Physical Education Curriculum

"What are Disability/Adapted/Para sports and why are they important to include in your physical education program? This presentation will demonstrate the use of disability and adapted sports such as sitting volleyball and goalball as a way to teach sport specific skills that can align with your curriculum while providing a unique sporting experience that can enhance knowledge of disability sports. "
Pedagogy & Curriculum, Technology in PE

Gamify-ED for Student Motivation

Are you a fan of gamification? Have you tried it before? Would you like to? Implementing gamified experiences into your projects, units and even your whole year can be done! We'll be talking about Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation as a way to reach our students learning styles.