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    Working together towards justice in education and the world

  • Wellness

    Promotion of lifelong interest in health and fitness

  • Sports & Coaching

    Developing programs to promote love of and excellence in sport

  • Experiential Learning

    Engaging students safely in real world experiences 

  • Technology

    Leveraging apps & devices for development, performance, fitness

  • Specialist Content Areas

    Exploring emerging areas of interest

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Not sure the technical term for saying “you killed it”, but you guys killed it (which is as positive as a comment I can give). Was an amazing experience head to toe, our presentation went well, thanks for being there every step of the way.

Sending out an abundance of gratitude for a stellar run event. Still feeling effervescent from all the energy and inspiration shared last weekend. Thank you very much to all involved in making it a well run top notch event. Thrive and shine on. With a warm embrace,

“I thought it was the best conference for PE that I’ve been to, it was really well organised and run, the presenters were excellent and the range of activities and workshops that were offered to us was outstanding. I have come away with so many new ideas to share and try out at my school, and it has left me feeling inspired to go back and do what I do better!”
“It was a great conference and as a first time presenter I was made to feel comfortable and supported through the whole process. The conference was set up for great networking and a relaxed atmosphere for easy learning and many practical take aways.”
A fantastic conference! Loved the junk trip. Everyone should do that! Thank for all the hard work your committee put into organizing.
A fantastic weekend. It was a real pleasure to get together with like minded professionals from around our region. The only thing I wish was that I could split myself into three so I could attend all the workshops I wanted to!

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