Quality Physical Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy, & Assessment

This session will provide attendees with best practice and the latest research on curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. It has been created with the hope that you and/or your PE department can reflect on your current school's PE context and make any necessary changes to curriculum, pedagogy, and/or assessment to improve learning experiences for your students.

Pedagogy & Curriculum Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
Fun Pool Noodle Games in Kindergarten for Optimal Learning

Put some of your P.E. classes on autopilot using proven games with pool noodles. We use lots of animal stories in the games to keep your students engaged, have fun and optimize their learning

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Moving Stories: Inspiring Young Learners through Storytelling and Movement [To be rescheduled]

This presentation demonstrates why and how to use literature as a pedagogical frame for encouraging children to move with purpose.

Pedagogy & Curriculum
If It Takes a Village to Support a Child’s Physical Activity Needs, What Does It Take To Support the Village?

Research into the physical inactivity pandemic underscores the importance of a system-wide approach to promoting and increasing physical activity behavior at the population level. The familiar adage in reference to this evidence base is “it takes a village to get a child to be physically active.” But what does it take to bring a village together and build the school wide support essential to ensuring each student meets physical activity guidelines and benefits from quality physical education?

Pedagogy & Curriculum Sports & Coaching Leadership
An Aquatic Management Model/ The Aquatic "ABC" Guidelines for School Leaders

Risk Management; Certifications; Prioritized Aquatic Curriculum; Pool Capabilities; Types of Aquatic Activities, Staffing; Grading System/Policy; Careers in Aquatics.

Specialist Content Areas
Girls in Sport - What Sports Coaches, Sports Teachers, PSHE Teachers and Parents Need to Know

Nearly 64% of girls miss school because of their periods (not just PE classes) 41% of 14-16 year old girls say that their periods stop them form participating in sport 80% of teachers feel they don't have the knowledge or confidence to teach this topic.

Pedagogy & Curriculum Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Physical Education

There are a growing number of transgender and gender diverse (TGD) students in schools. Many schools are receiving whole-school training to support TGD students.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
Adolescent Female Health Education for Women of the Future

New British and Australian Guidance recommends that young women, aged 12-17, should be taught about pelvic floor anatomy, pelvic floor exercises and how to prevent dysfunction in later life.

Pedagogy & Curriculum Wellness Sports & Coaching Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
Visible Thinking in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

This session begins with the premise that 'thinking is the engine of learning' and explores how we can support game-based practical approaches with an environment, intentional questions, and purposeful interactional routines to enhance thinking

Pedagogy & Curriculum Sports & Coaching
A Global Playbook: How ADs & Coaches Can Help Their School Raise Its Game

Nick will dig deeper into sections of his brand new book, "A Global Playbook" that directly relate to coaches and what coaches can do to improve the athletic program at their school.

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