One hour presentations receive a $65 discount for conference registration, action research panel presentations receive a $25 dollar registration. Acceptances will occur on a rolling basis, so if you are interested in presenting you are encouraged to submit early.
Some presenters may be asked to present twice during the conference.
Team presentations are allowed with team members sharing the registration discount.
A maximum discount of US$65 is applicable to presenters who have had multiple presentations accepted. Presentation discounts are shared between presenters if there are multiple presenters. 

It was a great conference and as a first time presenter I was made to feel comfortable and supported through the whole process. The conference was set up for great networking and a relaxed atmosphere for easy learning and many practical take aways.

Stacey GriffithsSt. Maur International School, Japan

I appreciate all the work of all of the committee and 21st Century learning. They made me feel welcome and were well organized to get me ready for my presentation.

Stephen HarveyOhio University, United States of America

About You

If you are accepted we will use your picture on the presenters list page.
Select if is more than one presenter. You will be prompted to enter their names. Multiple presenters share the presentation discount.

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About Your Presentation

Innovation case studies are 13 minutes presentations that take place in a series during a 1 hour block during the conference. Depending on the number of submissions for this type of presentation there may be more than one innovation case study panel during the conference
Choose the strand that best fits your presentation
(Optional, but encouraged) Please submit a link to a video. This video could be A.) a video that highlights your presentation ability. This could be a video of you teaching unrelated to the topic you are proposing. b.) A video "trailer" for the session you plan to run. The trailer would highlight what attendees will take away in the hour you have them. Trailer should be 1m or lesss We suggest using an "unlisted" YouTube video if you don't want the video to be public. We will not share the video without your permission

Presentation Facilities & Equipment

We will do our best to provide a space and the resources you request but understand it will not always be possible to ensure a perfect fit!
We do our best to allocate presenters into desired spaces. In the situation we are not able to meet the preference above what would be the next best fit?
Participants are free to choose presentations/workshops they wish to attend during the conference without pre-registration. If there is a hard limit please indicate and we will indicate that on the conference program to encourage attendees to come to your workshop early to ensure their space. Presenters will be responsible for politely turning away attendees that cannot be accommodated due to resource constraints/room size.


We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions about your submission please contact: [email protected]