• For the online conference: Successfully submit a presentation or act as a conference volunteer and enjoy free access to the conference plus access to all of the recorded sessions.
  • Acceptances will occur on a rolling basis, so if you are interested in presenting you are encouraged to submit early.
  • Some presenters may be asked to present twice during the conference.
  • A maximum of two presenters delivering one presentation will receive free conference tickets.
  • Online conference presenters will have an opportunity to select when they would like to present – we should be able to find a slot that suits your schedule. Presentations are conducted live – not pre-recorded.
  • Presenters at face to face conference will receive a $50USD discount for the conference which can be shared between multiple presenters. No travel costs are covered for presenters.

Key Dates

PHASE Online

Streaming Online from Sept 2023

PHASE Asia Pacific

16-17 November 2024


11-13 April 2025

It was a great conference and as a first time presenter I was made to feel comfortable and supported through the whole process. The conference was set up for great networking and a relaxed atmosphere for easy learning and many practical take aways.

I appreciate all the work of all of the committee and 21st Century learning. They made me feel welcome and were well organized to get me ready for my presentation.

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Innovation case studies are 13 minutes presentations that take place in a series during a 1 hour block during the conference. Depending on the number of submissions for this type of presentation there may be more than one innovation case study panel during the conference
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