Presentations for Action Research

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Happiness Factories – Why Success Drives Everything

Expanding on the work contained within the book, Phil will inspire you to think beyond the physical, to embrace every opportunity for success and look around you for the inspiration you need to do more, better for more, always...

Phil Mathe

Sports & Coaching

The Six Roles of a Coach to Create True High-Performance Teams

In this session, Andy will share what the latest applied research tells us makes a genuine high-performing team.

Andy Longley

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Embodied Affectivity in Physical Education

Embodied affectivity in physical education is a brief explanation of my research on the affective domain of learning in PE (in my case in the Early Years but potentially relevant to other age groups). I would discuss what is observable and meaningful to both the students and teacher, and offer pedagogical strategies to support student learning.

Will Patz

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Capturing and Using Student Voice in PE

In this session, we will explore why listening to students is a key part of working towards the provision of meaningful and relatable physical activity experiences and how, if used correctly, this can become a powerful source of information for teachers to more effectively work towards your curriculum goals and wider purposes.

Greg Dryer

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Getting the best out of your English Language Learners – Practical strategies to support English Language Learners to excel in PE.

Language is the access point for students to fully engage and learn in Physical Education classes.

Emma Ryan

Pedagogy & Curriculum

We’re so much more than Sport – How Holistic Physical Education can drive Improvement across a whole school – Design, Development and Delivery.

This presentation will introduce PE departments to the concept, ideas, development and implementation of the programme and will discuss the importance Physical Education has on the wider school delivery of holistic provision.

Phil Mathe