PHASE has a full strand of sessions and pre-conferences that are targeted at Athletics Directors and Heads of Sport.

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Pre ConferencesMain Conference
9-10 November 202311 – 12 November 2023


Prices from $415USD for the main conference

Benefits of Attending PHASE

  • Network with Fellow Athletics Directors

    PHASE has the largest and most diverse network of schools attending from EARCOS, ACAMIS, FORBISSA and more

  • PD Certificate

    With 15+ Hours

  • Access to Innovative PD on topics

    Such as Breathwork and Peak Performance

  • Certify Yourself

    Appropriate for aspiring or current Athletics Directors PHASE is the only place you can get the NIAAA certification in Asia

Get Certified

This year we have two courses

LTC 901 Introduction to International School Athletic Program Administration

LTC 902: Principles, Strategies & Methods for Athletic Programs in International Schools


The conference offered insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops that equipped me with the latest teaching techniques, exercise programs, and resources to help my students achieve their fitness goals. 

Thanks for organizing, it was great reconnecting with people, meeting new teachers from different parts of the world & sharing & learning

Thank for for all your hard work behind the scenes a fantastically well run conference I hope I have the opportunity to return every year. Love the blend of professional learning and fun kick back connecting time in the evenings.

Conference Sessions

The sessions below have been tagged with “Athletic Director”

Sports & Coaching

Democratizing Mental Skills Training

How to empower teenage student-athletes, their coaches and parents to train their minds and forge mental health, resilience and high performance

Balance in Life: Being Happy With Your Output

Burnt out? Giving everything and not seeing the returns? Whether you're a teacher, coach, or administrator, this presentation will help you achieve a better balance in what's meaningful to you.
Sports & Coaching

Learning the Fundamentals of Ice Hockey

Participants will learn the basic skill sets to ice hockey. Each participant will walk away with a foundation of a learn to skate program & learn to play program.
Wellness, Leadership

How to be an Effective Advisor and Mentor

In this session, we will break down the importance of social-emotional learning and the positive impact programs like advisory can have on the holistic health of our students.

Beyond Boundaries: Maximizing Student Performance Through Breathwork, Biometrics, and Academic Coursework

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, the pursuit of academic excellence goes hand in hand with holistic approaches to student well-being. "Beyond Boundaries" is an innovative workshop designed to empower educators, administrators, and students alike with a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing student performance through the integration of three essential pillars: Breathwork, Biometrics, and Academic Coursework.
Experiential Learning

The Great Outdoors – A One-stop Shop to Address School-wide Goals

The workshop will demonstrate to participants the variety of ways in which outdoor experiential learning can be a highly effective (and highly engaging) way to address a significant number of a school's SEL and academic goals, incorporating elements of Design thinking, Integrated curriculum, multi-disciplinary activities (PE, environmental science, psychology (group dynamics), ecology, engineering, physics, character education, reflection, and leadership.


The presentation will be based on what team, classroom and business culture can look like when it is flourishing.
Sports & Coaching, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice, Leadership

Inclusivity in Sports – Rethinking the Role of the AD

Sports are undeniably a competition, by design. Winning or losing can mean everything. But should it? We can take a look at data and the philosophies that we can adapt as ADs, coaches, PE teachers, to make sure inclusivity, participation, and collaboration are at the forefront of our programs.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Show Gender Inequality the Red Card: Empower Girls through Football

This session serves as an exploration of our emerging program and an opportunity to shape and create similar programs at other international schools, ensuring a collective effort towards a more equitable future on and off the field.
Sports & Coaching

Fundamentals of Youth Strength Training

Learn how to develop a strategic plan for each grade level through movement based practice, mechanical machines, dumbbells and finally the barbell.
Pedagogy & Curriculum

Fun Games with Basketball Basics

The class will be on the court with participants engaging in fun games and activities that incorporate basic basketball skills.

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