Presentations for Health Teachers

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Animal Paths – The Parkour-Based System for Physical Literacy and Personal Development

Our physical literacy system for kids, the Parkour Animal Paths, is designed specifically to capture the natural abilities of young people and expand upon them to help every child achieve their full potential, both in body and mind.

Dan Edwardes

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Happiness Factories – Why Success Drives Everything

Expanding on the work contained within the book, Phil will inspire you to think beyond the physical, to embrace every opportunity for success and look around you for the inspiration you need to do more, better for more, always...

Phil Mathe

Sports & Coaching

The Six Roles of a Coach to Create True High-Performance Teams

In this session, Andy will share what the latest applied research tells us makes a genuine high-performing team.

Andy Longley

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Embodied Affectivity in Physical Education

Embodied affectivity in physical education is a brief explanation of my research on the affective domain of learning in PE (in my case in the Early Years but potentially relevant to other age groups). I would discuss what is observable and meaningful to both the students and teacher, and offer pedagogical strategies to support student learning.

Will Patz

Specialist Content Areas

How to Fix the Educational Systems

Find out how we plan to battle the decline in education by fixing the core problem. By fixing the hard wiring in our brains we can bring back results like the 1980. This unique invention will create new neuro pathways and change the way we think.

Dominic See

Technology in PE

Building a PHE Culture

In our session, we will walk through how the REP platform can be utilized for self-assessment among students to comprehend their improvement over time and produce fitness outcome goals that are realistic and attainable.

Callen McGibbon