PHASE AP 2024 has a full strand of sessions and pre-conferences that are targeted at Athletics Directors and Heads of Sport.

Join us for the PHASE AD & Head of Sport Conference, a premier two-day event designed exclusively for Athletic Directors and Heads/Directors of Sport. This dynamic conference will be hosted at the renowned NIST International School as a pre-conference to the PHASE Asia Pacific conference. Dive into a series of insightful sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities aimed at enhancing your leadership skills and transforming your athletic programs.

Keynote Speakers and Sessions

1. 3D Coaching Institute Sessions with Mark Hull

Mark Hull
Director of International Development, 3D Institute

Gain invaluable insights from the experts at the 3D Coaching Institute. These sessions will cover the three dimensions of coaching: fundamentals, psychology, and heart. Learn innovative strategies to motivate athletes, build cohesive teams, and foster a winning culture.

2. Leadership Sessions with Nathan Whitaker

Nathan Whitaker
Motivational Speaker | Executive Coach | #1 NYT Best Selling Author
The Nathan Whitaker Co

Enhance your leadership capabilities with sessions led by renowned author and speaker Nathan Whitaker. Drawing from his extensive experience in professional sports and leadership, Nathan will provide practical tools and inspiring stories to help you lead with confidence and integrity.

3. Breakout Sessions

Participate in interactive breakout sessions led by top athletic and sports leaders. These sessions will include:

  • Innovative Training Techniques: Explore the latest advancements in athletic training and performance.
  • Sports Psychology: Understand the mental aspects of coaching and how to support your athletes’ mental well-being.
  • Program Development: Learn best practices for developing and sustaining successful athletic programs.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Sports: Discuss strategies to create inclusive environments that celebrate diversity.
  • Technology in Sports: Discover cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the world of athletics.
  • Community Engagement: Connect athletics to the school community

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow athletic directors and sports leaders from around the world. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build lasting professional relationships. Enjoy the vibrant culture of Bangkok while expanding your professional network.

Key Details


Athletic Director Pre ConferencePHASE Main Conference
Date14-15 November 202416-17 November 2024
PriceFrom $525 USDFrom $465USD


Early BirdRegularLast Minute
PHASE AD Pre Conference Only$525$550$575
PHASE AD Preconference + PHASE Main Conference$891$922$990

Discount of 10% for signing up for both events

In the AD Director Pre con particpants can elect to take one or more of the NIAAA courses, each course will include a $80USD fee per course.

Who Should Attend:

  • Director of Sport

  • Athletic Directors

Benefits of Attending PHASE:

  • Network with Fellow Athletics Directors

    PHASE has the largest and most diverse network of schools attending from EARCOS, ACAMIS, FORBISSA and more

  • PD Certificate

    With 15+ Hours

  • Access to Innovative PD on topics

    Such as Breathwork and Peak Performance

  • Certify Yourself

    Appropriate for aspiring or current Athletics Directors PHASE is the only place you can get the NIAAA certification in Asia

Get Certified

This year we have four courses

  • LTC 901 Introduction to International School Athletic Program Administration
  • LTC 902: Principles, Strategies & Methods for Athletic Programs in International Schools
  • LTC 903: Enhancing Organization Management and Effectiveness in International School Athletic Programs
  • LTC 904 Athletic Administration: Child Protection Overview

Athletics Director Strand Organiser


Athletics Director, International School Bangkok

Chris Mott has been the Athletics Director at International School Bangkok for the past three years.  Prior to coming to Thailand, and over the past  years, Chris has been lucky to work in Australia, England, Oman, Japan, Estonia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Peru

Chris is passionate about creating opportunities for students to explore their interests through co-curricular programs. For this reason, he has been working with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), and more recently with an international focus group, to develop meaningful and relevant courses for International Athletic Administrators.

Chris travels and works with his wife Georgina and his two children Eve (11) and Hudson (8).  Chris holds a MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Queensland.

Featured Presenter

Nick DeForest

Assistant Director of the Events Office,
AIS Vienna & Globetrottin’ADs


The conference offered insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops that equipped me with the latest teaching techniques, exercise programs, and resources to help my students achieve their fitness goals. 

Thanks for organizing, it was great reconnecting with people, meeting new teachers from different parts of the world & sharing & learning

Thank for for all your hard work behind the scenes a fantastically well run conference I hope I have the opportunity to return every year. Love the blend of professional learning and fun kick back connecting time in the evenings.

Conference Sessions

The sessions below have been tagged with “Athletic Director”

Sports & Coaching

Introducing Synchronised Swimming to your Aquatics Program

Looking to broaden your aquatics program to include more than just swimming? In this presentation, we will explore innovative and creative ways to introduce and develop syncronised swimming within your program, an opportunity to include or develop your curriculum's creativity, teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Building Relationships Through Cultural Inclusion

This presentation is designed to inspire and empower teachers & coaches with simple, yet effective strategies to draw from the cultural capital of their ethnically diverse students in order to to build positive relationships, and foster a culturally inclusive and vibrant learning environment.
Sports & Coaching

The Specialist Mentality

My presentation will share relevant research on the science of practice vs. play, cultural views on sports specialization, and potential competing views of parents and club coaches on skill learning.
Experiential Learning

Sports Leadership in Action

This session will provide an overview of the Sports Leadership provision offered as both an elective course, and as part of mainstream PE here at The Alice Smith School.
Sports & Coaching

In A Pickle(ball) !

Discussion/video of what Pickleball is - fastest growing sport in USA and one of the fastest growing in the rest of world

    Conference Accommodation

    Tucked away on a quiet street next to Bangkok’s famous Sukhumvit 11 nightlife scene, the Solitaire Hotel offers you a relaxed ambiance. Solitaire is within a 7 minute walking distance to NIST International School. Conference attendees can take advantage of special rates at our registration page. For more information, please visit our accommodations page.

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