Presentations for Adventure Learning

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Animal Paths – The Parkour-Based System for Physical Literacy and Personal Development

Our physical literacy system for kids, the Parkour Animal Paths, is designed specifically to capture the natural abilities of young people and expand upon them to help every child achieve their full potential, both in body and mind.

Dan Edwardes

Specialist Content Areas Experiential Learning

Student Challenge Leads to Summit of Mt Everest – 3 Times!

In 2010, Ada challenged her students to set a higher goal for themselves, but unexpectedly, her students challenged her in return to climb Mt Everest.

Ada Tsang

Specialist Content Areas Experiential Learning

Into the Abode of Death; how to thrive, and not just survive in extreme environments

Ex-school teacher, now Outward Bound Oman Executive Director Mark Evans MBE will speak about his 49 day expedition, on foot and by camel across the largest sand desert on earth, the Empty Quarter of Arabia, the first such crossing since 1931.

Mark Evans

Pedagogy & Curriculum Experiential Learning

Effective Management of Quality Experiential Education Programming

This session will evaluate the essential elements of the most impactful outdoor experiential learning

Nick Cotton