Presentations for Coaching


1) Characteristics of Championship Programs 2) The Athletic Director’s Toolbox

A focused, high energy presentation on WHY Schools, Programs, Teams, and Departments consistently "WIN." We first define what Winning is (Not just winning on the scoreboard) and how to develop and nurture these traits in your students, staff, coaches and parents.

Jacob (Jake) von Scherrer

Sports & Coaching

Rethinking the Educational Suitability of Sports Seasons

The presentation will focus on analyzing the educational implications of sports seasons for children focusing on two main ideas: -A learning process of 2-3 months does not allow for an enriching and effective experience. -As an educational community we have come to the agreement that student choice and agency is capital for student engagement and success in the classroom.

Adrian Martinez Gomez

Sports & Coaching

Supporting the Female Athlete – Information and Strategies to Support Female Athletes in School and Sport

Practical strategies to implement in school and within your sports program to support those with female physiology. Including injury prevention, nutrition and education on the menstrual cycle.

Cassandra Till


Teaching Core Strength and Stability in HPE

This active workshop will give attendees the chance to broaden their knowledge in this area and allow them to participate in a range of practical and fun activities which the presenter has used in a variety of settings to enhance students' core strength and stability (as well as their own).

Dave Robinson

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Creative Uses of Limited Space

This workshop will present fun, alternative ball games/activities to still get your students moving and engaged but use no more than one half of a basketball court.

Dave Robinson

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Creating Classroom Connections from Day 1

This session aims to provide teachers (both classroom and specialist) with fun & engaging ideas, games and strategies that you can implement into your classroom in order to build positive connections from Day 1.

Joshua Simpson