Presentations for Game Sense

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Happiness Factories – Why Success Drives Everything

Expanding on the work contained within the book, Phil will inspire you to think beyond the physical, to embrace every opportunity for success and look around you for the inspiration you need to do more, better for more, always...

Phil Mathe

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Fun Pool Noodle Games in Kindergarten for Optimal Learning

Put some of your P.E. classes on autopilot using proven games with pool noodles. We use lots of animal stories in the games to keep your students engaged, have fun and optimize their learning

Dominique Chiquet

Pedagogy & Curriculum

How the Spectrum of teaching style can you create learning experiences to meet specific objectives in Outdoor Education, HPE and Sports Coaching

This presentation will provide numerous examples of how the Spectrum of Teaching Styles (SOTS) can assist educators and coaches create specific learning episodes to meet specific objectives and outcomes.

Brendan SueSee

Shane Pill

Mitchell Hewitt

Joss Rankin

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Creative Uses of Limited Space

This workshop will present fun, alternative ball games/activities to still get your students moving and engaged but use no more than one half of a basketball court.

Dave Robinson

Sports & Coaching

Visible Thinking in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

This session begins with the premise that 'thinking is the engine of learning' and explores how we can support game-based practical approaches with an environment, intentional questions, and purposeful interactional routines to enhance thin

Christopher Pahl

Pedagogy & Curriculum

The Journey to Develop a quality Physical Education (and Sport) Program incorporating the SEPEP Curriculum Model and Game Sense Pedagogy

In this presentation I will explore my experiences and the journey that led to the development of a Physical Education (and Sport) program incorporating the SEPEP Curriculum Model and Game Sense pedagogy at St John's Grammar.

Craig Johncock