Presentations for IB

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Moving Stories: Inspiring Young Learners through Storytelling and Movement

This presentation demonstrates why and how to use literature as a pedagogical frame for encouraging children to move with purpose.

Zack Smith

Specialist Content Areas

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Making Movement A Meaningful Learning Experience

We will inquire, explore and learn how to use different rhythmic gymnastics apparatus and the process of creating a movement composition.

Leticia Cariño

Wellness Sports & Coaching

Prioritising Psychological Safety

During the session, we will unpack how a psychologically safe environment is connected to a learning perspective.

Rohit Shinde

Taneisha Monteiro

Pedagogy & Curriculum Specialist Content Areas Wellness Remote and Hybrid Instruction

Teaching Stress Management & Healthy Coping Skills

Description to follow

Amy Lauren Smith

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Bringing it all together: An inquiry into personal excellence

Using one unit of inquiry (individual pursuits) we will unpack opportunities to empower students to make choices and connections, improve physical competence in an area meaningful to them and challenge their creative and critical thinking.

Sarah Cole

Pedagogy & Curriculum Specialist Content Areas Remote and Hybrid Instruction

Sharing is Caring: Teaching Gymnastics – Beyond the Skills

Sharing movement explorations and game based activities that aim to provide more meaningful experiences and enjoyment in gymnastics.

Megan Lockett