Presentations for Sports Education

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Implementing a Sport Education Unit within the Primary Setting

This session aims to share the potential benefits, and desired learning outcomes, of the Sport Education approach, while also sharing practical tips on how to implement this pedagogical approach within your upper Primary classroom.

Joshua Simpson

Pedagogy & Curriculum

The PhysEd Lotus- Planting the Seeds of Bredth and Depth

The PhysEd LOTus program is a differentiated program that grows the development of skills in each student at ‘their’ level of learning.

Andy Hair

Sports & Coaching

Visible Thinking in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

This session begins with the premise that 'thinking is the engine of learning' and explores how we can support game-based practical approaches with an environment, intentional questions, and purposeful interactional routines to enhance thin

Christopher Pahl

Sports & Coaching

Meeting the needs of Aspiring Athletes in Senior Secondary Education

In 1993 Erindale College introduced the Talented Sports Program to support the growing needs of aspiring student athletes. The initial intake of 33 students has grown to 300 students and forms the cornerstone of enrollment in this Government College of 600 students in total.

Mark Armstrong

Pedagogy & Curriculum

The Journey to Develop a quality Physical Education (and Sport) Program incorporating the SEPEP Curriculum Model and Game Sense Pedagogy

In this presentation I will explore my experiences and the journey that led to the development of a Physical Education (and Sport) program incorporating the SEPEP Curriculum Model and Game Sense pedagogy at St John's Grammar.

Craig Johncock

Sports & Coaching

Creating Engaging and Practical Basketball Practices

When we move away from traditional blocked training and 1 v 0 skill training we can create more engaging and practical practices for our players.

Justin Golob