Carlos Galvez

PE Teacher, Saigon South International School

Carlos’ passion for education began at a young age, teaching English in Guatemala City.  His educator journey has since taken him to Italy, China and now Vietnam. Currently Carlos is part of the highly motivated, authentically collaborative Saigon South International School family.  His innovative approaches into his daily practices create learning experiences where he builds on his students’ contemporary skillsets in Physical Education.  As a Google Certified Innovator and curator of teacher and student passions, he’s  become an inspirational force with his “moonshot” thinking mentality. His focus on the power of passion projects and self-directed learning inspired him to create http://thepassionincubator.com, a place for anyone to learn about and catch a spark to ignite passion projects in schools. Carlos also created the #PubPDasia in 2016, a powerful PL initiative that brings teachers together to discuss relevant topics in education at pubs around the continent.