Donna Norkeliunas

Director of Advancement, Community School of Naples

Dr. Donna Norkeliunas is a dedicated servant leader with a passion for student and community wellness. With a diverse background working in various educational settings including international and private schools, Donna brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to her work. For thirteen years, Donna served as the Head of Lower School at the Community School of Naples. During this time, she played a pivotal role in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for students, fostering their academic, social, and emotional growth. Her commitment to student wellness extended beyond the classroom, as she actively engaged with the wider community to promote the well-being of both students and families. Seeking new experiences and opportunities, Donna embarked on a three-year journey to Vietnam, where she assumed a leadership position at Saigon South International School. This experience allowed her to further expand her understanding of diverse cultures, embrace inclusivity, and foster a sense of belonging in an international educational setting. In 2017, Donna returned to CSN, bringing back her invaluable insights and experiences, and assumed the role of Director of Admissions and Advancement. In this capacity, she utilized her experience to promote the mission and values of the school to prospective families and the wider community. She is committed to nurturing a school culture centered around academic and personal excellence. Her personal passion for education, wellness, and serving others fuels her commitment to developing an innovative and integrated Peak Performance Program.