Joss Rankin

Senior Lecturer, Flinders University

My name is Joss Rankin and I am a senior lecturer in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University. I currently coordinate the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Health and Physical Education) and teach a range of topics including the first year Foundation Studies of Physical Education and the suite of Outdoor Education topics on offer. Following my work as an outdoor instructor and sport coach I have worked in Education as a Health and Physical Education and Outdoor Education teacher. I undertook my roles in a range of schools in both regional and metropolitan South Australia as well as Cambridgeshire in England before moving to tertiary education to work as a lecturer in Health and Physical Education. I have been involved in a range of sporting, education and outdoor organisations and continue to connect with schools and community groups through a range of partnerships. As a member of the Outdoor Educators Association of South Australia and the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, I enjoy sharing the work that I am fortunate to engage with at a range of conferences and aim to continue to advocate for embodied, meaningful and authentic learning experiences that utilise a Spectrum of Teaching Styles.