Dr. Gary Kinchin


Dr Gary Kinchin is an Associate Professor of Physical Education in the Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton.

Gary gained a First Class degree from St Mark and St John College, Plymouth and then worked as a physical education teacher in Croydon.  Gary completed his Masters and PhD in Physical Education Teacher Education at The Ohio State University under the supervision of Professor Mary O’Sullivan.  His PhD focussed on the development of the Cultural Studies Curriculum model.

Gary has held academic positions at Illinois State University and De Montfort University before joining Southampton in 2001.  In terms of leadership, Gary has assumed the Director of Initial Teacher Education and Assistant Head of School roles at Southampton and most recently was in charge of the Research Training Program for doctoral students.

Gary’s principle research is in Sport Education and he has contributed many papers, conference presentations and workshops on this model. He was a co-author of the first text on Sport Education and the National Curriculum for Physical Education in England. Gary is currently working with doctoral students and collaborators on Sport Education developments and interventions in Kuwait and Brazil and is examining immersions of the model with non-physical education content in some local primary and secondary schools. Gary also has interest in acculturation and teacher education and is currently working collaboratively with colleagues in Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Gary is a member of the Association for Physical Education and serves on the European Primary Physical Education Steering Group. He maintains an active lifestyle with his family enjoying the surf and coastlines of Devon and Cornwall.