Alison Leathwood

PE Teacher

Originally from the pristine mountains of British Columbia, Alison grew up loving sports and activity. From an early age, she decided she wanted to follow her passion and become a Physical Education Teacher. Alison taught Sports Medicine, Sports Performance and PE in Canada for 7 years before she took the leap into International teaching and thank goodness she did!

Ever since moving to Vietnam 4 years ago, Alison has expanded her practice through technology, TGFU, the Sport Education model, health and so much more. Like all PE teachers, her life’s mission is to instill a value and passion for being active for life in her students. Alison would love to connect with you on twitter (@PELeathwood) to share resources and engage in conversations that will improve experiences for all.

Are you interested in spicing up your dance unit with some salsa? Then join me in this easy introductory social dance session. This session will include tips and tricks for teaching social dances to teens, basic salsa dance moves (basic step, turns, cross-body lead, footwork sequences etc.), salsa resources, APP’s to enhance dance projects as well as links to other social dance resources (jive, 2-step, cha-cha). You do not need to be a dance master to attend this session! If you are a MS or HS PE teacher come and shake those hips!

In this session, I will take you through an entire dance unit. I will show you fun dance games like the beat challenge, dance tag, and follow-the leader that help students learn about rhythm, levels, pathways and force in dance.  We will learn an easy dance that you can take back to your students that I have created. I will show you possible projects and line dances that will be easy to implement into any program. The best part is, I will share with you an abundance of resources from lesson plans, youtube playlists, APPs and so much more. This session is suitable for all levels and you do not need to be a professional dancer! If you can download the Just Dance Now App onto your smartphone that would be great but it is not necessary! You only need the free version. Come ready to move and groove!