Dr. Shane Pill

Associate Professor in Physical Education Studies, Flinders University

Shane previously worked for 19 years as a science and physical education teacher in schools in Perth and Adelaide where he held various leadership positions including HPE Coordinator, Sport Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, Director of School Administration and Deputy Principal. Since 2006, Shane lectures at Flinders University in curriculum studies, physical education and sport studies and his research interests include curriculum design and enactment, pedagogy and instructional strategies for games and sport teaching, sport coaching and curriculum leadership. Shane is the author of six ACHPER published books on game sense teaching and coaching, and the concept of Play with Purpose, and the Routledge text Perspectives on Athlete-Centred Coaching. He is author of over 100 academic and scholarly publications, and recipient of an Australian Government award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

He is a Life Member and Fellow of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (ACHPER); an ACHPER Australia Board Member 2004-2009 and 2015-2019 (President 2016-2019), and ACHPER(SA) Branch President 2002-2015.