This one-day course is designed to introduce sports and PE  teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour/freerunning for use as part of a physical education class in a managed school setting. It serves as an introduction, and enables a sports teacher to initiate basic elements of parkour/freerunning training within the school environment.

The course is built around the principles of Discovery, Challenge and Play. Spotting, use of equipment, and health & safety are concepts taught throughout the course, as well as teaching styles encouraging student-centred learning and process-driven approaches. Participants will engage in physical exercises, sample drills, games and teaching practice. 

There will also be a discussion of suitable spaces and equipment for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Affordances for Movement: Using Your Environment for PE

Evidence demonstrates the enormous benefits for mental and physical health that come from being active outdoors and from engaging with one’s surroundings. Our programmes teach you how to identify what movement and exercises possibilities are afforded to us by the environment, built structures and natural architecture. 

Young people have a natural desire to explore the world around them and apply their physicality to it. Physical education should embrace this desire and utilise it to encourage movement and activity, and to develop an affinity between young people and their environment. School grounds typically provide endless opportunities for movement activities, games and challenges, and with the right training you will be able to guide sessions outdoors safely, smoothly and productively. 

An added benefit is the development of respect for their environment among young people, as well as adaptability, resilience and creativity. 

Quadrupedal Movement: Rolling, Crawling & Falling

A fundamental human motor skill and an incredibly fun way to move, Quadrupedal Movement has been proven to improve joint position sense, coordination, strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility. 

In this session you will learn the fundamentals of low gait movement, including how to fall safely and roll, and how to deliver a range of activities to young people to develop and challenge their movement capacities. Kids love to ‘move like animals’, and will have a great time with these activities while also building physical literacy and fitness as a by-product. 

No equipment or special gear required, just a flat space and bags of energy!

Parkour for PE: Jumping, footwork and balance

Jumping is one of the best tools for developing athletic competence, as it builds explosive power, speed, strength, coordination and accuracy all at the same time. And every jump has a landing, which is where balance and stability are required. In our parkour programmes we combine jumping with balance and accuracy work to enable young athletes to utilise their jumping abilities in any environment, safely and efficiently. 

Parkour for PE: Vaults and Flow

Learning to move easily and efficiently over any obstacle in your path is the basic test of the primary function of the human body. Passing obstacles fluidly with vaults, dives and other movements is an incredible method for developing agility, speed, coordination, spatial awareness, reaction times, power and confidence. 

In our parkour programmes we teach the application of these movements on a wide range of obstacles, not just standard vault horses or boxes, which develops a much greater versatility and variability of movement.

You will learn the foundation vaults of parkour and how to combine them to create ‘flows’ of movement over a string of obstacles, which is one of the most exhilarating and enjoyable movement activities for young people – and for you!

Date and Time
10 March 2023
8am – 3pm



Dan Edwardes

Founder, Parkour Generations

Dan is founder and CEO of Parkour Generations, a multi-award winning and multi-national organisation for parkour, and has studied practical movement and physical fitness his entire life, with an elite background in fighting arts before finding parkour. Dan created the globally recognised A.D.A.P.T parkour coaching qualifications which have been delivered in over 35 countries, as well as the Parkour Fitness Specialist certifications, and the worldwide Parkour For Schools Programme. Dan was also central to the creation and success of the world’s first National Governing Body for the discipline, Parkour UK. His education programmes have been accredited by numerous international bodies, from ACE and NASM in the USA to 1st4Sport Qualifications in the UK and UISP in Italy, and focus on the science and art of coaching and movement, and on helping people reach their potential through embracing challenge, risk and adversity. Across a twenty year career in teaching Dan has delivered courses, workshops and events to tens of thousands of people worldwide and has no plans to stop anytime soon.