Amelia Ralphs

Skipper, Hong Kong Outward Bound, Hong Kong Outward Bound

Amelia Ralphs is an experienced, ocean sailing skipper and a live example of how exposure to offshore sailing can change the lives of young people for the better. At the age of 14 she was given the opportunity to sail a Challenge 72 yacht and the experience, the responsibility, the freedom gave her a confidence and ambition she had not found elsewhere in her life. By the time Amelia was 18, she had progressed through the ranks, volunteering to crew whenever possible and benefiting from training scholarships and grants. She qualified as one of the UKs youngest professional skippers and immediately went on to take charge of vessels up to 72ft in size, crossing oceans, running training programs for young people, racing competitively and always with the same passion to share the sport which has given her so many opportunities. Having completed 4 Atlantic crossings, Amelia’s’ career leaped into the limelight on the Maiden Project in 2018. Amelia managed the refit and commissioning of the iconic Whitbread racing yacht, which was to undertake a new world tour as an ambassador for girls’ education. Following a career full of experiential learning and development, Amelia is now working as the Skipper of Outward Bound Hong Kong’s ocean sailing vessel, working with young people throughout society to promote personal development and resilience.