Free PD – Saturday 4 March

APPEC Roundtables are regular, free professional development events designed to share good practice and build community engagement amongst PE teachers.
The format is very open and could take the form of a question for the group, seeking help in identifying materials, highlighting some interesting research, sharing a unit or lesson plan, or anything at all related to PE really!
The discussion will focus on the HotShots Tennis Curriculum developed by Tennis Australia.
Before you arrive at The APPEC Roundtable, please have considered some of the following areas for the roundtable discussion.

  • What you would like to learn about the HotShots Curriculum.
  • An area of PhysEd you’re interested in discussing.
  • A resource you would like to share.
  • Recent research to recommend.
  • A tool you would like to explore to implement in your PhysEd classroom.

The APPEC Roundtable is a continuation of the previous PE Roundtables in Hong Kong. If you are interested in running a roundtable in your own city please get in touch!
Next APPEC Roundtable:
Saturday 4 March 2017, 08:30 @ International Christian School


  • Network with other PE Teachers

  • Professional Development

  • Gain insight into what other schools are doing

  • Ask questions/share research/share resources etc.