Established in 1989 – Medical Technologies Ltd. are the market leader of selling sports science and physical training equipment in Hong Kong, Macau and China for over 20 years. We provides advanced equipment to Hong Kong Sports Institute, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, Macau Sports Institute and so on. In recent year, we have introduced modular hydrotherapy pool and hydrotherapy treadmill due to their characteristic of anti-stress muscle training. Moreover, we distributed the leader brand in physical training such as Monark, Cybex and Biodex which serves Olympic Center and Professional Sports Teams around the world. Sophisticated training equipment with evidence-based training programs can efficiently maximize athletes’ performance.

Our service and products are advanced with the times and auspicate a new phase of sports science. This year, we focus on integration of virtual reality and physical training. We wish every user shall have the opportunity to achieve top performance and quality of life at the same time. Secondly, we focus more on personal monitoring and team monitoring. Feedbacks and quantitative evaluation could analyze the development of accurate training zones which is essential before setting up training programs. Wearable fitness tracker would be the present trend in sports science field.