We are on a mission to make the world more active.

The miMove App does this by providing the intelligence to help schools work more effectively in supporting all young people build a physical activity habit for life. 

This has been the stated aim of PE for decades yet, until now, it’s been almost impossible for teachers to know if their work is supporting this lofty goal or not. miMove helps you answer big questions – for example:

  • Which students are benefitting, and which are not?
  • Whether school-based experiences have any impact on activity levels out of school
  • Which activities are most popular out of school?
  • Are your students more into structured/unstructured, formal/informal, team/individual activities?
  • Are girls and boys equally active?
  • And much more…

We provide a simple solution to a complex problem. Students record every physical activity session they do in or out of school, be it a structured training session in a sports club or informal participation like skateboarding with friends. The message here is simple – all activity is good activity. Students record activity type, duration, setting and most importantly, how they felt. By so doing, the app gives you unprecedented data about your students allowing you to celebrate and support everyone’s efforts. It also helps you see the impact of your work and review your practice.

miMove was created by teachers. You can read more about the founders at mimoveapp.com/team

You work so hard in trying to give every student the gifts that physical activity brings to a person’s life. miMove allows you to work smarter and not relentlessly harder.