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PlayerLayer is an exciting new British sports brand. The company makes exclusive, high quality performance sports clothing which can be personalized and customized for both teams and individuals.

PlayerLayer began by specialising in personalized baselayers, but now provides a wide range of sports clothing for professional athletes, schools and clubs in football, cricket, hockey, rugby, netball and many more.

PlayerLayer aim to create an iconic, yet classic look. Continuity of kit is vital to all of our customers. We do this by creating classic, timeless designs that can last a century. Our creative team research the history of organizations, drawing influence from architecture, logos and heritage to create a bespoke look. This in turn helps to develop an emotional connection between the athlete, the kit they wear and the organization they represent.

The deeply engrained ethos of the brand professes the importance of togetherness and pride within a team or organization.

In the words of PlayerLayer “BELONG”


Luca Merlone – Vice President Brand & Business Development

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