Andy Hair

Physical Education & Movement Coach

Andy Hair is a PhysEd Teacher based in Geelong, Australia. His life’s goal is to see kids excel and achieve their dream, while his PhysEd motto is “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE”. Outside of the Gym, he lives a very active life. Andy trains for Ironman Triathlons, pushing himself each day of the week in a bid to achieve his goals. He believes it is great to have role models and people to look up to. Apart from his kids who inspire him on a daily basis, he follows the lives of many endurance athletes closely. He loves and admires the dedication to setting and achieving difficult goals.

Andy is determined to create an environment and culture for students that is diverse and challenging. With prediction comes comfortability. With uncertainty comes risk taking and growth. His direction in education is to leave a legacy for students and teachers that is considered unique and inspiring. Students deserve to be challenged each and every time they are involved in Physical Activity.

As well as a Physical Education Teacher, he also works for School Sport Victoria as Regional Coordinator. He has been with this organisation for the past 20 years acting in various roles. It is responsibility to provide children with pathways to participate in competitive sport. Andy currently coordinates 28 sporting carnivals throughout the year.