Carolyn Temertzoglou

Carolyn Temertzoglou teaches Health and Physical Education in the teacher education program at the Ontario Institute For Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Through Ms. Temertzoglou’s many years of educational experience as a teacher, department head, curriculum writer and teacher educator, she advocates for quality daily health and physical education programs. She has an MA in Education from OISE and her research interests include physical education and teacher education, beginning teachers, teacher identity, and teaching/teacher education practices. Ms Temertzoglou has been actively involved in writing and reviewing curriculum and curriculum supports for the Ministry of Education and serves on several provincial committees that advocate for quality daily health and physical education programs. She is the co-author of the Exercise Science Workbook/ Lab Manual(Thompson Educational Publishing 2003) and co-author of the Functional Fitness Charts, Game On, Ready to Play (2012). Ms Temertzoglou is the recipient of the Ontario Supervision of Physical and Health Education Teacher Advocacy Award for her work in supporting pre-service and in-service health and physical education teachers with their practice. Carolyn has presented at the Canadian Physical Health Education conference and internationally with her husband, Ted. Carolyn lives with her family in East York and they enjoy keeping healthy and active together.


Kid + Ball = Play
The well-being of children and youth is influenced by a variety of factors and the role of educators and schools as promoters of well-being comes into question. Although this question identifies opportunities for educators, it also presents challenges. How do we increase student engagement and learning in health & physical education during a time when we are seeing an epidemic of inactivity and increased health concerns in children and youth? The concept of physical literacy, TGFU and fundamental principles of a well planned, quality inclusive health & physical education program can create some monumental change in why, what and how we teach.


This workshop employs effective game pedagogy as the framework to develop students’ physical literacy. Participants will be introduced to the principles of TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding) and Hellison’s TPSR (Teaching Personal Social Responsibility) model through a variety of small–sided games and inquiry based approach to learning in Physical Education.

Promoting student well-being is a core value for student success in physical education. This active session explores how to develop confident competent movers in a wide variety of activities that benefit the whole child – physical, cognitive and affective domains. Teaching children proper mechanics and fundamental movements will increase their movement vocabulary helping them grow into healthy, active adults.

This workshop explores opportunities for participants to reflect on their role as PE teachers to support their students to develop physical literacy; to deepen their understanding of fundamental principles of a quality PE program and how they connect to physical literacy and physical fitness assessment. Assessment tools will be provided to help participants apply and develop their own assessment practices.