Animal Paths – The Parkour Based System for Physical Literacy and Personal Development

Our physical literacy system for kids, the Parkour Animal Paths, is designed specifically to capture the natural abilities of young people and expand upon them to help every child achieve their full potential, both in body and mind.

Through the Animal Paths we provide physical activity and teach functional movement techniques while simultaneously imparting the values that lay at the very heart of parkour; adaptability, courage, integrity, honesty, perseverance, personal development and more.

Healthy development isn’t linear or uniform, and our system recognises that each child is unique in their pace and direction of growth: one size never fits all.

Some will lean towards the strength of the bear or the agility of the squirrel, for example, while others might resonate more with the adaptability of the monkey or the speed of the cat. Our approach is to recognise each individual’s natural physical predisposition while also helping them round themselves out by focusing on their weaker aspects.

Each Animal Path contains six levels of achievement, requiring competence in technical ability and physical literacy as well as core skills such as teamwork, resilience, problem-solving and decision-making. Achieving the higher levels brings access to the more experienced training sessions, enabling deep exploration of whatever aspect of themselves they want to develop.

The Animal Paths system draws upon the best ideas from both constraints-based and traditional skill acquisition models to provide a method that is inclusive and effective for as many young people as possible.

We have implemented the Animal Paths to great success within our own Youth Academies, and are now licensing the programmes worldwide for use by schools, sports clubs and other organisations who are interested in a new, better approach to physical literacy and personal development through movement.


  • Introduction to the Animal Paths System of Physical Literacy and Personal Development
  • Why general physical literacy trumps specialized movement patterns 
  • How to introduce the Animal Paths system in your school
  • Using existing equipment and grounds to foster adaptation, exploration, and challenge
  • The importance of introducing risk management at all ages of development

Date and Time
26 January 2022 | 17:00 (GMT+8)

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Sydney – 20:00
Hong Kong – 17:00
Seoul – 18:00
Bangkok – 16:00
New Delhi – 14:30
Dubai – 13:00
Cape Town – 11:00
London – 09:00
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Dan Edwardes

Parkour Generations Limited

Dan is the founder and CEO of Parkour Generations, a multi-award-winning and multi-national organisation for parkour, and has studied practical movement and physical fitness his entire life, with an elite background in fighting arts before finding parkour. Dan created the globally recognised A.D.A.P.T parkour coaching qualifications which have been delivered in over 35 countries, as well as the Parkour Fitness Specialist certifications, and the worldwide Parkour For Schools Programme. 

Dan was also central to the creation and success of the world’s first National Governing Body for the discipline, Parkour UK. His education programmes have been accredited by numerous international bodies, from ACE and NASM in the USA to 1st4Sport Qualifications in the UK and UISP in Italy, and focus on the science and art of coaching and movement, and on helping people reach their potential through embracing challenge, risk and adversity. Across a twenty year career in teaching Dan has delivered courses, workshops and events to tens of thousands of people worldwide and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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