Planning For A Quality Physical Education Programs in Primary School

Dive in deep with Physical Education & Movement Coach and Author Andy Hair as he leads you through a three-part online workshop in developing a quality Physical Education programs in the primary school.

We know that lifelong fitness and wellness is built on the skills, habits and positive experiences with fitness, sports and athletics at a young age. This workshop will first take a big picture look at the whole program and wider school impact then look at assessment and physical literacy.

This workshop is appropriate for PE Teachers in any school setting regardless of curriculum.


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Department Pass – Up To 5 – $288USD
Department Pass – 6 or more – $388USD
Video Only – $288.00
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Date and Time

  • 7 May 2022
  • 14 May 2022
  • 21 May 2022

Total: 3 Hours PD

Each session takes place between 15:00-16:00 GMT+8

Reference Start Times

Sydney – 17:00
Hong Kong – 15:00
Seoul – 16:00
Bangkok – 14:00
New Delhi – 12:30
Dubai – 11:00
Cape Town – 09:00
London – 08:00
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  • Session A- What does a quality program look like in a Primary School?

    • Your role
    • Your program, curriculum and extra curriculum
    • Wider school impact
      • Classrooms, whole-school physical literacy, community
      • Swimming, Interschool Sport, camps and excursions
      • Physical library, sports borrowing
      • Student leadership

    Date: 7 May 2022 (3-4pm GMT+8)

  • Session B- Planning for rich curriculum and assessment designs

    • What are we teaching?
    • Why are we teaching this?
    • How often do we see our students?
    • What opportunities exist outside of school for our students to practise what we teach them
    • What are we assessing? How do we assess

    Date: 14 May 2022 (3-4pm GMT+8)

  • Session C- Whole School Approach to Physical Literacy

    • What is our whole staff responsibility?
    • Where can we build Physical Activity into different parts of the day?
    • Signs, challenges and activities
    • Eliminating barriers

    Date: 21 May 2022 (3-4pm GMT+8)


Andy Hair

Physical Education and Values Educator, Leopold Primary School

Andy Hair is a PhysEd Teacher based in Geelong, Australia. His life’s goal is to see kids excel and achieve their dream, while his PhysEd motto is “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE”. Outside of the Gym, he lives a very active life. Andy trains for Ironman Triathlons, pushing himself each day of the week in a bid to achieve his goals. He believes it is great to have role models and people to look up to. Apart from his kids who inspire him on a daily basis, he follows the lives of many endurance athletes closely.

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