This online workshop has been re-envisioned as a face to face workshop to take place in Hong Kong on November 10th

Registration will open for that soon.

Join Andy Hair for an exciting journey on meaningful and fun ways to use technology to enhance educational outcomes.

Despite the fact that many technology-based teaching strategies and tools successfully engage students and develop their abilities, many teachers have trouble integrating technology into the classroom.

Sometimes introducing a certain platform is too challenging. Or perhaps it won’t function on your equipment. Despite the difficulties, you probably want to take advantage of what educational technology has to offer.

This workshop will provide an overview of a variety of creative solutions to employ technology in your classroom, choosing the ones that work best for you and your students.

Suitable For

Educators who wish to improve their use of technology across their planning, implementation and reflection.

6th May

  • The Virtual World
  • Creating video mini lessons
  • Connect with other classes through live video
  • Use technology to allows classes to collaborate
  • Receiving real time feedback
  • Gamify your classroom
  • DemoSLAM

20th May

  • Flipped Learning
  • THE QR code
  • Adobe and Canva
  • App creation- It’s that easy!
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Being the best writer
  • DemoSLAM


Andy Hair

Physical Education & Movement Coach

Known for my high energy and youthful personality, I am a Physical Education and Movement Coach based in Geelong, Australia. My goals in life are to see students excel, achieve their dreams, have confidence and enjoy everything

they do. My PE motto is DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE. I live an extremely active life. I am passionate about endurance pursuits, pushing myself to my limit every single day. I am known for my high energy and passion in life and find my excitement around like minded and active people. My life’s experiences have shaped how I wake up and see the world everyday. I embrace life and face it head on.

My legacy as an educator is to see children lead a healthy and active lifestyle, being the best they can be and reaching as far as they can with what they are given.

It is my view that every child I teach is a world champion and together we have to discover which world champion they are.

Certification Options

PHASE Certifications offer job embedded personalized professional growth where you deploy knowledge gained in the workshop in your own context and receive feedback from an innovative leader. Upon submitting work participants get feedback via rubric and an optional 15m debrief from the assessor.


$250USD per certification

Level 1- Awareness

Creation of a ‘plan to use’ document of at least 3 of the ed tech tools above. The document will be something that you can use in class time. (For Instance: a poster that uses QR codes to give students access to activities that are to be performed in class during a PE lesson)

Your ‘plan to use’ document will have:

  • Overview of the program that you have chosen- What is it and why are you using it?
  • Connection to the curriculum
  • Learning Intention for students
  • Success criteria for students
  • The document that you have created

You are required to complete 3 of these ‘plan to use’ documents using 3 different ed tech tools.

Level 2- Application

Submit a curriculum unit using one ed tech tools above that has learning intentions, alignment with lesson planning (minimum 5 lessons within the unit), success criteria and assessments.

The ed tech tool must have meaningful impact on learning and be able to be assessed as to the integration of the program vs the increased impact on education gains by students.

Level 3- Knowledge

Plan and deliver a workshop using one ed tech tools, sharing your unit of work and impact on teaching and learning for your students.

Candidates must deliver this workshop at an online event or in person workshop/conference in order to be able to teach what they have learnt to others.

Participants in these events must be provided with take away resources so that participants can then use the ed tech tool in their classroom and feedback to the presenter


  • To obtain certification the participant must:
  • Attend both sessions & participate in all activities and discussions during class.
  • Complete elements for each level of the certification


Due date for submission of work for your certification is three weeks following the workshop.
Feedback will be provided within two weeks of the due date.

If you would like to signup for the certification after attending the workshop this is possible within two weeks of the workshop, but it does not impact on the due date for the work.

Benefits of Certification

  • Able to call yourself “Level 1/2/3 PHASE Tech in PE Certified”

  • Digital Badge & Email Signature Graphic

  • Coming soon: Blockchain based digital credential

  • Profile on PHASE Website

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it will take to complete an initiative will depend on if you are starting from scratch or adapting an existing document based on what you learned in the workshop. For some this might be a relatively short period of time for others it could take longer. We would estimate between 2-5 hours.

You will receive feedback based on assessment rubrics in which you need to attain “meets” on all elements. There will be no “score” issued

Resubmission is allowed for a $50USD resubmission fee.

Can I submit a work that I have worked on collaboratively?

Yes but you need to clearly explain in your cover reflection what your direct contribution was.

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