Be a part of the vanguard in International School Physical Education. PHASE is launching a new professional learning certification program. We are offering special pricing for this introductory, foundations course.
Participants can join the workshop only for which they will receive a digital attendance certificate for 12 CPD hours.
Optionally participants can choose to become certified which will require job embedded work after the workshop. This work (expected to take 5-10 hours). Candidates for certification will receive individual feedback on their submission and have the option for a coaching call with the facilitator following submission.

Overview of Course

The first level certification session for physical education (PHASE Certified Physical Educators) provides a comprehensive overview of foundational concepts essential for aspiring and experienced physical educators. This initial certification will set the stage for more detailed explorations of various topics in future certifications. To develop a solid foundation for all PHASE-certified physical educators, topics will include learning as it relates to physical education, the purpose of physical education, foundational practices, and assessment. Attendees will also be exposed to the uniqueness of physical education in international schools. Through interactive sessions and practical demonstrations, this certification equips teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to inspire youth through physical education.

In developing this overview the following considerations were made:

  • The first level should ensure that all teachers attain the same core understandings regardless of their experience level.  
  • The training should be foundational, allowing for a variety of future certification workshops. 
  • Physical education teachers learn best when empowered to control and set their own professional development goals and criteria to measure progress toward those goals.

Five questions will drive the 2-day workshop:

  • What is learning in physical education? – Explore the purpose of physical education.
  • What is worth learning in physical education? – Examine appropriate content in physical education.
  • How do we create an environment for learning in physical education? – This will allow attendees to experience and consider various practices in physical education.
  • How do we know learning occurred in physical education? – This will allow attendees to consider assessment and its role in physical education. 
  • What is unique about physical education in international schools? – Allow attendees to discuss school types, educational philosophies, cultures, living environments, etc. unique to international schools.


  • Attendees will articulate their definition of learning in physical education.
  • Attendees will discuss the role of physical education teachers in learning.
  • Attendees will identify key characteristics for physical education teacher leaders.
  • Attendees will describe how their personal and PE values impact their teaching and curriculum.
  • Attendees will prepare an AI-generated mission statement based on their small group’s PE values.
  • Attendees will compare not fewer than three physical education standards and identify commonalities and differences
  • Attendees will argue their perspective of what is worth learning in physical education.
  • Attendees will identify three strategies to enhance lesson efficiency
  • Attendees will identify contemporary pedagogy strategies for creating and inclusive, welcoming, student-centered learning environment.
  • Attendees will discuss the potential for at least two instructional models for their physical education program.
  • Attendees will be able to argue for the benefits of developing outcome-driven assessments.
  • Attendees will discuss the role of student agency in assessment.
  • Attendees will discuss at least three assessment strategies they can use in their program.
  • This time will be used to organize attendees to stay in touch post-workshop.
  • Time will also be allocated to discuss the project for those seeking to be certified.
  • Lastly, future certification opportunities, as available, will be presented to attendees.


This course is designed for early career and experienced physical educators alike.

Date and Time
15 November 2024
9am – 4pm

$500 USD – special price for pilot cohort. We expect price to be $750 USD once the course is finalized
$150 USD  additional for certification. We expect cost to be $250 USD once course is finalized

Note: You do not need to register for the main PHASE Conference to attend this one day workshop.

Certification Opportunity

Participants can optionally choose to become “PHASE Certified PE Educators.” This is an action-based certification that will focus on work in your context.  After submission, the course leader will provide individualized feedback on your work to guide its further development.
If you submit the work and it meets the standard you will receive an additional certificate and digital badge.
To attain the certification you must attend the workshop session live as well as complete the additional work


Aaron Beighle

Professor, University of Kentucky

Dr. Aaron Beighle holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University specializing in physical education and physical activity for youth. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky.

Beighle is an internationally recognized scholar of physical education and school-based physical activity promotion. He regularly collaborates with schools and organizations interested in maximizing the role of physical education and physical activity to create an active culture for well-being. Dr. Beighle presents nationally and internationally on strategies for extending the impact of movement to address the physical, mental, cognitive and social needs of students as well as school communities. He has written more than 100 research-based and practical articles as well as six books, most notably Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children 19e. Aaron recently contributed to make the widely used lesson plans for this book available via dynamicpeasap.com. Beighle holds a steadfast commitment to helping physical education programs and schools guide ALL students on a journey that makes physical activity a meaningful part of their well-being.