Recorded Presentations

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Animal Paths – The Parkour-Based System for Physical Literacy and Personal Development

Our physical literacy system for kids, the Parkour Animal Paths, is designed specifically to capture the natural abilities of young people and expand upon them to help every child achieve their full potential, both in body and mind.

Dan Edwardes

Specialist Content Areas Wellness

Physical Education Professionals (P.E.P.) Talk

How can a community of physical educators inspire greatness through education?

Ronald Robinson

Sports & Coaching

Meeting the needs of Aspiring Athletes in Senior Secondary Education

In 1993 Erindale College introduced the Talented Sports Program to support the growing needs of aspiring student athletes. The initial intake of 33 students has grown to 300 students and forms the cornerstone of enrollment in this Government College of 600 students in total.

Mark Armstrong

Pedagogy & Curriculum Wellness

Aligning your School’s Approach to Sex Ed: Growth & Development, Healthy Relationships, and Sexual Health Resources for Grade 4-12

In an independent school community, sexuality education is often skipped over or dropped into the laps of well-meaning teachers and counselors who may feel underprepared.

Amy Lauren Smith

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Designing Lessons that Stick

21st century educators are always striving for an engaging and effective classroom environment.

Jace Ferguson

Pedagogy & Curriculum

Creating Core Values and Developing Team Culture

This presentation will focus on the impact of using Core Values on sport teams and in classrooms.

Luther Rauk