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Andy Vasily

Andy Vasily is a leading teacher who has taught at International Baccalaureate schools in 4 different countries over the past 15 years. He completed his teaching training at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. Andy is currently teaching at Nanjing International School in China, but is moving over to a full-time role as an international educational consultant beginning in August 2015. Andy previously worked as a Child-Youth Counsellor at a young offender’s facility in Windsor, Ontario and it was through this experience that he first realized the stumbling blocks and injustices that many of these young people faced in their daily experience. As a direct result of seeing a need for change, he pursued a full-time career as an educator. He is the founder of the award winning education blog www.pyppewithandy.com.

Wanting to push his own understanding of teaching and learning to a deeper level, Andy made the decision to begin blogging in order to share his teaching practice and connect with other educators and top researchers around the world. The value that he saw in this exchange of vision and practical applications led to an enriched professional learning journey that he has shared with practitioners and scholars alike. He has teamed up with Dr. Dean Dudley from Macquarie University in Australia who’s research focuses on evidence-based health and physical education to work on closing the gap between evidence-based research and teaching practice.They share their work at www.nexuseducation.org.

Andy is an innovator in the area of education and has continued growing his commitment to student learning by bringing the global community together to create meaningful progress in the way students learn around the globe.

Lasting Change
Teaching can and should be an extremely rewarding profession, however often times we lose sight of what is most important. Connecting with our passion and finding our purpose can help to sustain our own levels of motivation over time, but is directly dependent upon a constant willingness to change, to learn, and to grow. Three valuable lessons will be shared in this keynote that will help you to always remember the importance of striving toward personal excellence as an educator order to be the best that you can be and to change lives forever.