The NIAAA courses are available as part of the PHASE Asia Pacific Athletic Director Pre Conference taking place on the 14 and 15 November 2024

LTC 901 Athletic Administration: Introduction to International School Athletic Program Administration
This course serves as an overview for international interscholastic athletic administration and the importance of such programs in these school settings. This course introduces the philosophy of educational athletics, and then focuses on the roles, tasks, and purpose of the athletic administrator in an international school. Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: current International School Athletic Administrators and those planning to move into an International School Athletic Administrator position. Required for RIAA.

LTC 902 Athletic Administration: Principles, Strategies & Methods for Athletic Programs in International Schools
This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration. The course alerts and educates athletic administrators on potential problems, as well as possible solutions in areas such as organization, budgets, scheduling, logistics, parent/student/coach conflicts, and communications. The course also touches upon sample athletic/activity department organizational charts, activity procedures/checklist, public relations, and emergency plans. Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: inexperienced athletic administrators seeking to define and improve their operational procedures. Required for RIAA.

LTC 903: Enhancing Organization Management and Effectiveness in International School Athletic Programs
This course is aimed at assisting athletic directors to set the tone for their program. Origins of athletic administration are addressed in addition to codes of ethics. The concept of “educational athletics” is discussed and refined. The role of the athletic administrator and the importance of having a school philosophy are addressed and workshop participants have the opportunity to interact with others to refine their own philosophies. Issues relating to the roles of athletic administrators, coaches, and philosophical applications are covered in depth.

LTC 904: Child Protection Overview for the International School Athletic Administrator
This course covers liability for sports injuries, negligence, and risk management practices for athletic administrators. Best practice concepts will be introduced for athletic administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, and other athletic personnel through the use of case scenarios and guided discussion. Appropriate risk management strategies and documentation procedures for athletic administrators will be identified. Real-life scenarios and defining the duties and standards of care that schools require for child protection will be addressed.

Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: 

  • current International School Athletic Administrators / Head of Sports
  • Aspiring International School Athletic Administrator position. 

This course is foundational and Required for Registered International Athletics Administrator Certification (RIAA).

Attendees will receive a certificate with PD Hours from NIAAA and also from PHASE

About NIAAA Leadership Training

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) is a recognized accredited educational institution committed to leadership programs, resources, and service opportunities, the association supports the athletic administrator’s effort in providing quality athletic participation opportunities for students.

The NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and Certification Program are voluntary professional development initiatives designed by athletic administrators. Athletic administrators who complete LTI courses attain additional knowledge and perspective of the athletic administrator’s role. Completion of leadership training courses will enhance the daily operations of the athletic department and improve the program being administered. (read more)

Date and Time
14 & 15 November 2024

14 November 2024

LTC 901  or LTC 903
9am – 12pm

15 November 2024

LTC 902 or LTC 904
9am – 12pm


You can attend up to two of the NIAAA courses as part of the Athletics Director Conference. Each course requires and additional $80USD administration fee.

To receive the NIAAA certificate and to pursue NIAAA certification you must be a member of NIAAA ($80USD per year). All participants will receive a PHASE attendance certificate but this does not confer certification.

Certificate provided by NIAAA


Chris Mott

Athletics Director, International School Bangkok

Chris Mott has been the Athletics Director at International School Bangkok for the past three years.  Prior to coming to Thailand, and over the past  years, Chris has been lucky to work in Australia, England, Oman, Japan, Estonia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Peru

Chris is passionate about creating opportunities for students to explore their interests through co-curricular programs. For this reason, he has been working with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), and more recently with an international focus group, to develop meaningful and relevant courses for International Athletic Administrators.  

Chris travels and works with his wife Georgina and his two children Eve (11) and Hudson (8).  Chris holds a MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Queensland.