Shane Pill

Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sport. / Past Board Chair ACHPER, Flinders University

Shane is a multiple award winning teacher, teacher educator, and sport coach. He is an experienced chair and board member of peak professional associations for health, physical education and recreation. Shane previously worked from 1988-2005 as a science and physical education teacher, and he held various leadership positions during this time: HPE Coordinator, Sport Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, Director of School Administration and Deputy Principal. Since 2006, Shane lectures and researches at Flinders University in curriculum studies, physical education and sport development, and educational leadership. He is an experienced consultant and education provider to the sport & education industry, contributing to wellbeing, physical activity, sport & physical education work groups, committees & reference groups in South Australia & Australia, including the Dept of Education, Australian Sports Commission/Sport Australia, Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia, South Australian Cricket Association, Australian Football League, South Australian Football League, West Australian Football Commission, South Australian Certificate of Education Board, Rugby Australia, Lacrosse Australia, ACT Physical Activity Foundation, and Australian Rugby League. He has reviewed school programs locally and internationally, and presented keynotes and invited presentations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, USA and Singapore.

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