Adolescent Female Health Education for Women of the Future

New British and Australian Guidance recommends that young women, aged 12-17, should be taught about pelvic floor anatomy, pelvic floor exercises and how to prevent dysfunction in later life. Research from the UK reports that 80% of teachers lack confidence in delivering menstrual eduction and felt that additional training would be beneficial. It is not known whether pelvic floor education is currently being taught in Hong Kong’s schools and how teachers feel about providing this education themselves. Additionally, new media attention has highlighted the effects of menstruation and poor breast support on female participation in sports.

Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists are well placed to provide this education to students or to offer workshops to improve teacher confidence with handling these sensitive topics. Currently, I am conducting a small piece of research to investigate what female health education is currently delivered in Hong Kong’s international schools and the feelings and confidence of teachers delivering these topics. I intend to present this audit at conference and explore the ways in which we can improve female health education in order to improve young women’s confidence, participation in sports and uphold international guidance.